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I have been interested in Videography for a long time, producing videos as far back as 2007. During school I developed a strong passion for the natural world, going on to graduate from the University of Salford with a 2:1 in Biology. I am very involved in Freerunning and street climbing, which presents me with a lot of unique opportunities to capture footage that would otherwise be impossible. Through the use of head mounted cameras I have been able to collect footage across the rooftops and skylines of London, Thailand, Manchester, Cyprus and even Africa. This footage has then been edited and posted to a fairly successful Youtube channel, garnering over 100,000 total video views. This concept of filming, editing and producing, and finally posting them to the internet, coupled with my strong passion for Biology has really triggered my passion for wanting to film wildlife, and perhaps produce unique documentaries in the future. I have also just completed a Master's Degree in Wildlife Documentary Production at MediaCityUK with the University of Salford. My long term career ambitions are to eventually start working within the media industry, filming for wildlife programmes and documentaries, so that I can share with the general public the wonderment of the natural world. 


When it comes to filmmaking, I have always wanted to push what is possible in order to get the best shots I can. For years I have strived to find unique ways to capture footage, and this is usually achieved by putting either myself or the camera in an unusual position. Through the use of climbing and exploring I try to find shots that no one else would be capable of capturing. I'm also very interested in the construction of home made contraptions (such as camera ziplines, modified egg timers and telescopic boom poles) to capture creative shots, that are unique and done on a budget.  I always push to make something that stands out from a crowd.


Masters Degree in Wildlife Documentary Production 
from the University of Salford

Honours Degree in Biology from the University of Salford


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